Baby Blessings

Spike with magic wand and happy couple

I love leading Baby Blessings. During these ceremonies, a new child is welcomed to the world with words of joy and vows of commitment by the parents, other family members, and friends. Each ceremony is custom tailored to reflect the family’s beliefs and hopes for the child to have a safe, wonderful, interesting and fulfilling journey through life. Delivered with happiness, warmth and gratitude, Baby Blessings are a wonderful way to include friends and family in an event that honors both child and parents.

Memorial Services

Spike with magic wand and happy couple

I am always honored to lead memorial services. I love working with families to create a memorable service that acknowledges grief while celebrating the loved one with joy and laughter. Atheist and secular ceremonies are my specialty, though I am also happy to include spiritual or religious passages upon request. For more information please visit Spike Gillespie Funerals.