Hello and Congratulations on Your Upcoming Wedding

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I'm Spike Gillespie and I joyfully perform custom-created wedding ceremonies in Austin and The Hill Country. Since I started Custom Hitches Weddings in 2006, I've presided over more than a thousand services from secret elopements to backyard celebrations to gigantic affairs. As an award-winning professional writer and public speaker with over thirty years of experience, I use my love of words to craft carefully tailored ceremonies that guarantee happy, memorable events.

I Love My Job

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I have the happiest job in the world and I never tire of my work. I love meeting with the couples, learning all about them, hearing their vision for a ceremony, and collaborating with them until we have something unique that perfectly captures who they are as individuals and a couple. I never forget it's not my wedding. I don't have pre-conceived notions, pushy opinions, or any agenda other than to best serve you. I do have tons of experience, plenty of ideas, an ability to really listen to what you're hoping for, and the skills to make that happen.

I Love Non-Religious Weddings

Not everyone wants a religious ceremony. This used to mean finding a judge or justice of the peace, and often judges and JPs use dry, pre-written scripts. So what if you want to have control over your ceremony's content but skip the god stuff? That's where I come in.

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I would be delighted to perform your secular wedding ceremony, your spiritual wedding ceremony, your atheist wedding ceremony, or your mash-up of styles wedding ceremony. I do not deliver surprise sermons. I do not proselytize. I do not care if you believe in God, or are an atheist, or worship Boston Terriers. Your religion (or choice to not have a religion) is your business. If you want me to represent your beliefs through readings that reflect those beliefs—be that quotes from a physics textbook, a book of poetry, the bible, a cookbook, love letters you've written each other, the back of a cereal box, the Farmers' Almanac, or whatever—I'm happy to oblige. But I will never try to tell you what you must or must not include, beyond the simple legal requirement that I ask you if you take one another to be spouses.

One other thing about religion and wedding ceremonies: Some couples want no religion at all but also know there will be hell to pay if they don't throw a little holy bone to their religious family members. Should you find yourself in this position, I know many ways you can make your wedding what you want it to be and keep the Holy Rollers from freaking out.

I Love Same-Sex Weddings

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Hooray for the Supreme Court ruling that FINALLY legalized same-sex marriages! That should've happened a long time ago. It always bummed me out when same-sex couples approached me worried I might refuse to officiate their ceremonies because apparently some ministers and officiants have narrow ideas about the definition of marriage. Not me! I have been happily leading same-sex ceremonies since I began performing weddings. I, frankly, did not give a rat's ass that the law did not recognize the rights of all people to marry. As we all know, there are plenty of stupid laws out there. I'm so glad that anti-gay law is behind us now.

My Wedding Clients Love Me

Spike's couples love her!

I am so lucky I to get to work with so many happy, creative, amazing clients. I am also so fortunate that hundreds of my clients have taken the time to leave five-star reviews and enthusiastic testimonials at YELP, Wedding Wire, and The Knot.

I'm a Wedding Wire Bride's Choice Award Winner . In 2013 & 2014 I was voted Best Austin Wedding Officiant by Austin's A-List. And I am the subject of the magazine feature Spike Gillespie Puts a Ring On It in Austin Monthly.

I Love to Travel

I do travel outside of Austin to perform weddings as my schedule allows. Rates are available upon request. I will waive my ceremony fee if your wedding is in Paris—you need only pay airfare and the price of a modest, clean hotel room.